Leather Watch Straps Appeal to the Masses

Published: 11th May 2009
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Leather has always had its own place in the fashion industry and the watch is no different. A matter of fact, a leather watchstrap, or band is often worn to all kinds of events and occasions. There are many watch manufacturers that now create beautiful and luxury watches with leather bands.

Today you can find such manufacturers as Lacoste, Black Dice, Triumph, Casio, Diesel, Rotary, Police, DKNY, Seksy, Fossil, Guess, Swatch, Timex, Sekonda, and Tonino Lamborghini all offering various watches with leather bands.

Leather watches are used by many manufacturers to add a unique look to the various styles and designs of the watches. The Tonino Lamborghini Speedster is one that with the leather strap provides the watch with a wonderful theme of elegance whereas if you look at the Soyuz Russian Tank II or the Soyuz SuperNova you will see a bit of a different look even if the strap is leather it does not provide an elegant look but a more sleek design. Then there is the Diesel Black Label men's bangle watch with five movements that resembles a futuristic style.

Women can enjoy many different styles of watches with leather straps by leading designers such as the Lacoste White dial/tan leather strap, Seksy Ladies Seconda Watch, Guess MUSE, Diesel Ladies Purple Dial, Fossil Ladies Dress, Swatch Blofeld's Cat- You Only Live Twice, Rotary Ladies Classic Stainless Steel Wristwatch, DKNY Ladies Silver Faced Quartz Watch, Diesel Ladies Brown Leather Strap Watch, Swatch Elektra King- The World Is Not Enough, Michael Kors Ladies Chronograph Black Dial Black Strap Watch, and the Swatch Xenia Onatopp- Goldeneye.

Leather can add a bit of flair, elegance, styles, outdoorsy feel, or more according to the style and design of the manufacturer. Leather is similar to gold in that it will never go out of style.

For anyone that has allergy problems with metals, leather is often the choice for luxury and even elegant styled watches. Instead of worrying about allergies due to the silver or gold breaking out your wrist, you can now find a large variety of watches with leather bands that will still allow you to enjoy all the functions as well as the unique designs. If you desire a bit more style to your watch and have the desire to have stones on the watch, you can even find a few watches offering crystals with leather bands such as the Police Glamour Matrix gold, Swatch Steel+charm, and the Marc Ecko Better off Dead.

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